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Meet Jennilee

My Story
Family Support

I am a wife to my best friend whom I met in high school.  I'm a mom to 3 wonderful kiddos and a certified birth doula through Birth Arts International.  I am a C.D.A. and a R.D.A. and have worked in the dental field for 15 years.


My heart for women having the birth experience that they desire began at age 22 when I was present at the birth of my niece. It ignited when I became pregnant. I began researching and reading everything I could get my hands on to help me choose the type of birth I wanted.  It  was so empowering knowing that I actually had options. 


That is when the word Doula entered my vocabulary and I decided to add one to my support team.  I now had the knowledge and experience of a trained professional to educate me on my choices as well as prepare me for different birth scenarios.  Births do not always turn out the way we envision, but having an individual totally devoted to supporting my husband and me through any challenges and changes was priceless. I want to be that physical, informational, and emotional support for others!

Photo by Nichole Pope Photography

My Training
Certified Birth Doula, BAI (Birth Arts International)

Spinning Babies® Workshop

TENS Unit training

Spinning Babies® 

Resolving Shoulder Dystocia

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